The Basics of Handicapping Major League Baseball Games

The Basics of Handicapping Major League Baseball Games

Handicapping Major League Baseball is a fascinating hobby that has become a veritable hedge against the possibility that we will lose money when the Yankees or Red Sox sweep a home series. The logic is that by cashing in on the finer points of handicapping, we can actually guarantee ourselves a profit at the end of the season, regardless of which side wins.

The Manual-

If you are a serious handicapper or an amateur, the majority of your MLB wagers will probably be no risk bets. You won’t need to pursue wagers with any level of confidence, or make any real money, because your best wagers will probably be padding your bankroll.

But, if you’re in the mood for a little bit of fun, or you want to add a little spice to your betting, there are some Manual wagers that are worth checking out. Even if you never bet on baseball, or sports generally, if you follow the money, you can make some money.

The Strategy

Even if you’re sticking topillar strategy during the regular season, Handicapping Major League Baseball can pay dividends. While it will not turn you into a bank deposit, it will help you to cash in on winning streaks (or losing slumps).


NY Yankees vs. Tampa Bay Rays

Thursday, June 10th

NY Yankees +1.5 Units

+1.5 touring the minors

+14.5 Yankees at minus 1.5 units

  • 14.5 Yankees at plus 1.5 units
  • 1.5 Yankees at minus 1.5 units
  • 1.5 Rays at minus 1.5 units
  • 1.5 Rays at plus 1.5 units

Once you factor in the moneyline, the full effect of the bet is as follows:

Yankees (NYY) minus 1.5 units = -$140 (You need to figure your juice amount by adding the minus amount to the amount of juice you are laying)

Yanks (also known as “bank money”) plus 1.5 units = $150 (Also figured into your juice amount)

How would you feel if you kicked a $100 bill in the parking lot of theiday many times and lost? You would be a rich man! The same goes for sports betting, if you make correct picks, you will make money.

While I am not an actuary, I do believe that death by smoker’s cough in the short term is not a concern. However, I am concerned about heart attack or sudden hearing loss in the long term. Both of these may be present or aspects of the end of the MLB season.

The Initial Exposure

Your initial exposure to the picks will probably be from the internet. Many sports programs will give you the information early so you can watch television and radio programs discussing the picks. You will hear in the television and radio programs as they discuss the Rockies pick, or the Yankees pick.

Do not listen to what they say, make up your own mind about the pick and either bet the moneyline or the run line. If you have many friends and associates who place money or these picks, you can ask for recommendations. I know this is a difficult undertaking and takes a lot of time, but if you are a busy working individual who has many things going on, they may all suggest picks or you can have a conference call with your networking friends to get a consensus on the best available pick.

If you do choose to do this by yourself, you will have to pay for such services. Such a service may be expensive, because the other party will have done so beforehand. Then, you will also have to pay for lost internet connection time, drinks, etc. It will be in everyone’s best interests to have this done by a reputable company, with a good profit and reputation established.

The Winning Potential

Once you know what your options are, you will be ready to weigh your options. You can always bet the moneyline, but this is becoming too habit forming. Now, you can play the run line or the total. However, you lose the Sistema. What? Yes, you can bet the total, and that too in a winning situation.

By the way, the dreaded annoucement comes one day, you think you have a great chance to win again. You spend a few dollars, and lose. You think that you will be better next time, and you believe that you will win. But, the moment that you start to lose, you convince yourself that next time will be better, and you will bet a few dollars, and win. It goes on and on until you lose, and then you start all over again.

Can you imagine how your life will feel after three years of doing this? Be careful of the trap of gambling.