Free Full Tilt Poker For US Players - Start Winning Today!

Free Full Tilt Poker For US Players – Start Winning Today!

Americans are still forbidden by their government to legally join poker sites and play poker, but there is hope. Thanks to the inexcusable decision by the United State’s Congress, David McGrath, an American poker player, has managed to distance himself from the clutches of the government.

David started his career as an accounting clerk. At the ripe old age of 23, he dropped out of college to pursue the career. He started as an online poker player. After landing a series of mediocre hands, he realized that real poker is all about losers. He quit his job to do so and invested his winnings in online poker. At first, the money rolled in quickly but later it tumbled and turned into a nightmare.

Now, David no longer cares about losing and is determined to beat the toughest players in the site. Every time he takes a new deposit, he points out the finest online poker bonuses that allow Americans to play in the site. By legally playing online poker, he has joined the exciting world of poker.

The McGraths of poker are no strangers. They have been around for years and according to their biography, they are the 9th and the 10th family member to have played Texas Hold’em poker. They have won the World Series of Poker three times each and more than $2.7 million in tournament play. David McGrath is married and has four children.

The two most active members of the McGrath poker family are John McGrath and Steve Dangartner. Steve is the brother of David. When he was 16 years old, he won the Texas Hold’em tournament. His mother also attended to the game of poker. She used to say that when she played, she played to win and win only.

Both of the parents of David, John and Steve are retired and they moved to Las Vegas so that their children would have an education there. The three boys are avid poker players. David is a card shark and Steve is a maniac.

The boys used to meet at the secret poker club at night and play the game. Sometimes, the game evolved and they would hold late night games. It was around this time that the name of T.O. came about.

David’s older brother, Terry O’Toole, played in the major tournaments and won $600,000. When he was 16, he was named the top player in the world by the World Series of Poker. When he was 21, he changed his name to Terry O’Toole to capitalize on the capital gained from being the top player.

Another T.O. related story involves the character of Sam Angel. Sam Angel was an accountant who used to have an addictive gambling problem. He was called the “Casino Santa” because of the gifts he sent to the players who won at the tables. He was also slang for a blown rubber chip.

Sams downfall can be attributed to three things. He was an alcoholic who began drinking at noon. When he could no longer drink, he began to gamble. He would gamble until the early hours of the morning then sleep off his pounds. This pattern continued every night until he shot himself in the mouth.

The third downfall was a tremendous workload. He was too much of a responsibilities for him and his family. He told his family he was going to be late returning from a game and he never made it back. Poor health conditions and ahips were the reasons he died rather than alcohol.

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