Thursday Night Specials 5.9.2019

Cellar’s Charcuterie 12
wild boar cranberry sausage, seared pork country paté,
shaved prosciutto ham, pickled asparagus, other goodies
sub as your 1st course for no charge

**Pinot Thursday**
Valley of the Moon White Blend 16 Oregon
this unique blend of 85% Pinot Blanc and 15% Viognier
delivers delicious flavors and aromas of peach, pineapple, and honey!
half glass 4.5 glass 8.5 bottle 34

Soter “North Valley” Pinot Noir 16 Oregon
this benchmark Willamette Valley Pinot Noir offers beautiful flavors and aromas of cherry and cranberry, leading to earthy accents
and a smooth finish!
half glass 6 glass 11.5 bottle 46

Bell’s “Oberon” American Wheat Ale Michigan 5
clean and smooth with ripe citrus notes,
hints of spice, and a refreshing finish

Blackberry Farms “Boundary Tree”
Hoppy Belgian-Style Ale Tennessee 6.5
generous fruit and toasty almond notes
combine with gentle spice and sourdough accents

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