Tuesday Night Specials 5.7.2019


Cellar’s Charcuterie 12
Chicken-Granny Smith Apple Sausage,
Seared Pork Country Paté, Shaved Prosciutto Ham,
pickled SC peaches, other goodies
sub as your 1st course for no charge

**Champagne Tuesday is BACK!**
Valdo “Puro Oro” Prosecco NV Italy
this refined Prosecco from the Valdobbiadene region
of Italy is crisp and refreshing with notes of
peach and honey!
normally 13 tonight 6.5!

Champagne Collet Brut NV France
this elegant sparkler from famed producer Collet
boasts delightful flavors and aromas of pear,
citrus zest, and brioche!
normally 12 tonight 6!

Gosset “Excellence” Brut NV France
rated 90 points by Wine Enthusiast, this Champagne is rich
and robust with aromas of ripe pear, jasmine,
and orange blossom!
normally 18 tonight 9!

Bell’s “Oberon” American Wheat Ale Michigan 5
clean and smooth with ripe citrus notes,
hints of spice, and a refreshing finish

Blackberry Farms “Boundary Tree”
Hoppy Belgian-Style Ale Tennessee 6.5
generous fruit and toasty almond notes
combine with gentle spice and sourdough accents

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